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QLess is the world’s best appointment scheduling and queue management system. I helped design the overall SEO strategy, launch PPC campaigns, and create new thought leadership content targeted at the company’s primary audience personas.

Lucidworks, a leader in AI powered search, launched the Lucid Thoughts channel to help make the fundamentals of AI easier to understand. The six-episode series is targeted at a specific audience, helping to raise brand awareness and move buyers along in the conversion stage of the marketing funnel.

Cabeau is a world-renowned creator of innovative travel products, including the Cabeau Evolution neck pillow. We launched an SEO content campaign, digital marketing campaign, and PPC campaign to expand Cabeau’s digital footprint and transform their image into a brand that reflects the traveling lifestyle.

Oparix is on a mission to make it easy to be thoughtful with curated gifts, free professional gift wrapping, and handwritten messages. Their ecommerce site required an SEO-driven content strategy that could set them apart from big box competitors and help them find their niche in SERPs.