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David Olson writes screenplays, TV scripts and comedy bits for the interwebs. After receiving his MFA in Screenwriting from DePaul University in Chicago, David ceremoniously burned his winter coats and moved to Los Angeles. He is a graduate of The Second City's Musical Improv Conservatory and its Comedy Writing Program, and he was the recipient of Tulane University's Senior Screenwriting Award which one professor noted was "a thing we just made up because we had some extra money in the budget."

David's scripts have won or placed in numerous festivals and competitions, including the Premiere Film Festival, the WeScreenplay International Screenwriting Competition, and the ScreenCraft Fellowship. You can read excerpts from his scripts by clicking on the four-letter word that has been hyperlinked to another website here.

While his preferred medium is one which allows more than 140 characters at a time, he does do the tweeting thing every so often. Feel free to follow him below.